Chapter 180 Why Bookselling Sometimes Takes a Back Seat to Parenting

If you are a mother, Happy Mother’s Day!

My day began not with breakfast in bed, but with Huck’s 8:30 a.m. Little League game in fog and wind. It was early and it was cold. I tried really hard not to be grumpy about that, but really would have rather had the traditional Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. When we got home, Tom and Huck gave me some little presents they made and I perked right up.

I know it’s indulgent, but it’s Mother’s Day, and I’m a mother, so I want to share with you a booklet Huck (in first grade) made for me at school for Mother’s Day. This reward is better than the best of book finds, and is stapled in a book-like format. When I am sometimes frustrated at having to put my books aside to deal with homework, sports, etc. things like this help me put my priorities back into perspective. Thank you, boys, for giving me the gift of being a mother.

My favorite is panel number two, which states: “This is what she does all day — be’s my mom.”

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