Chapter 178 May 2008 Business Priorities

I’m going to my favorite library sale this weekend. The sale is held the second full weekend of each month. I regret to say that I have been unable to attend this sale since December. I was out of town in January, at the San Francisco Book Fair in February, at opening day of Little League in March, and at my brother’s wedding in April. It feels good to get back after such a long time away. I hope some undiscovered finds wait for me on the shelves.

As part of my plan for this year, I’ve been listing my business priorities month by month. Now that it’s May, it’s time to review what I accomplished in April and set goals for this month.

First, the status on April’s goals:

+Dante catalogue. In progress. Have imaged and catalogued more than half of the books and learned to use the program I need to layout the catalogue. Should be done in another month.(N.B., I said should be done . . .)
+Contribute an article to BookThink. Done.
+Contribute an article to Bookshop Blog. Done.
+Keep blogging here. Done.

+ Finish the Dante catalogue.
+ Library Sale
+ Prepare for and sell books at the Gold Rush Book Fair, May 17. Email me at chris @ if you’d like a free pass to the fair.
+ Put all books back on the shelves after the Gold Rush Book Fair (sigh — I dislike that part).
+ I will be attending UCLA Rare Book School in August. I need to make travel plans and book my hotel.
+ I will be exhibiting at the Santa Monica Book Fair in September. I need to book a hotel for that, too.
+ Find out the dates for the Sacramento/Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair, which is also usually held in September.
+ Keep blogging here. I am taking a break from writing for BookThink this month so that I can focus on my catalogue and the book fair.
+ Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. The most important goal — sell books!


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3 responses to “Chapter 178 May 2008 Business Priorities

  1. Did you meet all your goals for April? Did you actually sell any books during April? You haven’t mentioned if you did.

  2. I did meet my goals for April (the status is marked in bold next to each goal). I did sell books in April, too, but spent the bulk of my time scanning Dante books, writing catalogue entries and learning to use the program “Pages” to lay out the catalogue.

  3. Chris~I’m envious. I was unable to go to our FOL here in Santa Rosa recently. I always find interesting books to bring home. I always check out the Palo Alto FOL preview on its webpage, but the photos can be sooo blurry. Do you think the photographer does this on purpose?

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