Chapter 176 One Decade Later . . .

If you will permit a motherly, self-indulgent post today, read on.

I’m feeling old again. How can I possibly have a child who is this age?

Tom is 10 years old today!

Here he is at about two months old:

Here he is when I let my high school students select his outfit (one great thing about teaching high school is that you have a lot of teenage babysitters at your disposal):

And here he is at 10 (photo courtesy of little brother Huck):

On Sunday, we celebrated with Tom’s grandparents. I like to bake, and I always make each son a special birthday cake for our family celebration. Tom wanted a skateboard-shaped cake this year. I’m no Martha Stewart, but I did my best.

The cake depicts the bottom side of a skateboard. Those are mini-donuts for the wheels with Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies for the axles. (Oh wait, Tom just informed me that skateboard axles are not called axles. They are called “trucks”. I don’t know skateboarding lingo. I feel so old. The fact that I just used the word “lingo” in a sentence makes me feel even older.) That green tree shape painted in the middle is the logo of Tom’s favorite skateboard company, Element.

Tom, ten years ago you enriched our lives and made us a family. We love you and your grass-stained pants, your all-guitar rock band that practices at our house, your Lego creations, and your skateboard tricks. We love your inquisitive mind and your wild imagination. We love your kindness toward others, your good listening, and your smiling eyes. Happy 10th Birthday, my sweet son!


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2 responses to “Chapter 176 One Decade Later . . .

  1. Happy Birthday, young man! And, Happy Birthday to you, too, Chris! What were you doing 10 years ago yesterday? :~)

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