Chapter 174 Friday Fun

I’m looking forward to Friday. I’ll be meeting up with Mr. Z to go book hunting in the East Bay — a final search for new stock before I exhibit at the Gold Rush Book Fair in Grass Valley on May 17. If you’re anywhere near Grass Valley, CA (about one hour west of Lake Tahoe) on May 17, I highly recommend stopping by this small, regional fair held in an historic Gold Rush town filled with bookstores. The fair’s motto is, “It’s like browsing in a great old bookshop.” Is there anything better?

Actually, yes, there is: Browsing in many bookshops simultaneously, which, with the multiple vendors at a book fair, you can do with ease. See you there!

In other interesting book news, the blog Upward Departure linked today to a fun graphic novel called, Bookhunter. The entire book is online and, if you’re a book nerd like me, it’s a highly entertaining read.

A while back I posted about the need for antiquarian booksellers to reach out to the next generation of collectors, who, I opined, spend much of their time reading blogs, podcasting, and surfing You Tube. I wondered aloud how I might use these technologies to reach new and potential customers. Looks like the ABAA/ILAB has beaten me to it. Today, my friend Brian Cassidy mentioned a documentary produced by the ABAA and posted on You Tube by ILAB. The entire documentary, called Bibliomania, was filmed at the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair put on by the ABAA in February, 2007.

As I was just beginning to learn about the antiquarian book business in 2007, I was given the opportunity to assist Mr. Z at this wonderful fair, to observe and to learn. Truly, you’ll never see a better group of books assembled under one roof than at an ABAA fair. Many booksellers and collectors were interviewed for the film.

The documentary puts a human face on antiquarian booksellers, something I think is good. Prior to really getting involved with book collecting and bookselling, I presumed (incorrectly) that all antiquarian booksellers were know-it-alls who had been selling ancient tomes since grade school and who would treat a new collector or new bookseller with condescension. Nothing could be further from the truth. Almost every bookseller I’ve met personally has been welcoming and offered help and advice as I’ve started my business. Maybe if people see that booksellers don’t bite, they’ll be more inspired to ask our advice as they build collections. Maybe, when they see how much fun we have, they’ll come to book fairs or to our shops and ask questions about how to get started collecting books.

Here’s a link to Part 1 of the documentary. There are six parts. You can see the rest at YouTube. Go to their search box and type in “Bibliomania, Part ___” (whichever number you’re seeking).

See you in the stacks! Happy Book Hunting!


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2 responses to “Chapter 174 Friday Fun

  1. Jill

    Just FYI – YouTube shows 7 parts, but that’s because they erroneously numbered them,leaving out a Part 5. So, you go from Part 4 directly to Part 6, and Part 7 is the short conclusion of the documentary. Thanks for the link to this – I kept looking for myself or my friends since we were present at the book fair that year, but I guess we did not get our 15 minutes (or even 15 seconds) of fame. Probably a good thing. 🙂

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