Chapter 173 While the Cat’s Away . . .

. . . the mice will play.

While I was away reading books and relaxing with longtime friends last weekend, Tom and Huck were off having a weekend away of their own.

Were they catching up on sleep and quietly reading, too? Don’t count on it.

Here are some photos of Tom and Huck and what they did on a camping trip with Thoughtful Husband while I was away — archery!

Sorry the photos are so small. I’m having trouble uploading images today and I can’t figure out why.

I am so happy that they do these things when I am not around. Had I been there I would have been neurotically repeating myself (“Why can’t you guys just read a book about archery? I think there’s archery in Robin Hood.” Or, “Be careful. It looks like fun until someone loses an eye.”) and getting no reaction other than smirks and deliberate faux-aiming of arrows at someone’s eye.

Thoughtful Husband realizes my over-protective tendencies and makes sure to fit in such activities when I am not here to sound like the overcautious mother I am.

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