Chapter 170 Lucky Break, or Why I Love California

It’s 11:40 p.m. on Sunday night and I recently returned home from a weekend away to a large stack of mail and phone messages, so this post will have to be short.

I just re-read my last two posts (the ones on the new “Media Commons” at my old university and on Chrislands and ABE). Boy, do I sound cranky. It’s lucky for me I got a break over the weekend. It was time to step back and gain some perspective.

I went with some of my oldest and dearest friends (some of whom I’ve known since I was nine years old) to Calistoga for the weekend. Calistoga is in California’s wine country — in the Napa Valley area. It has picturesque vineyards, fun shops, and restaurants with some of the best food in the United States. The weather is beautiful and it is the perfect small-town place to just relax and enjoy visiting with friends over a delicious meal.

The main street in downtown Calistoga, CA.

The tower at Peju Winery in Rutherford. We tasted wine here and walked all around the lovely grounds.

I haven’t visited this part of California (which is only about 90 minutes from my house) for about two years, so it was such a treat to be with good friends and to get away for a couple of days. I wish I could say I visited more, but I still feel very lucky to be able to take a break from everything in such a beautiful place that is so close to home.

I still don’t like the name “Media Commons” and I’m still not sure about ABE’s purchase of Chrislands, but I feel a bit more relaxed and ready to get down to work.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a bookish post.

Thanks for reading.

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