Chapter 166 It’s Raining Dante

I wrote yesterday about some helpful responses I got from posting to the Ex-Libris email list about Dante. Today I went to check my mail box (my actual mail box, not my email) and discovered a nice fat envelope from Blythe Spirit Books in Batavia, Illinois.

I met Barbara, the owner of Blythe Spirit at the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar last August. We sat next to each other all week as we tried to absorb the years of expertise offered by the excellent faculty in a few short days. (By the way, if you are thinking of applying to this year’s seminar, now is the time. Click here for information.)

In the envelope from Barbara were a nice note and several pamphlets from Chicago’s Caxton Club. One of these goodies included a lengthy scholarly article about Dante. Thanks, Barbara!

My Dante books seem to have languished on the shelves for the past several months as I bought more books, attended seminars, and went to book fairs. Then I started a blog and began to write articles for BookThink. This month I have finally been able to make completing the catalogue a high priority. No. Scratch that. The catalogue is the priority until it is complete. The emails from the Ex-Libris list and the arrival of the Caxton Club article today have helped me focus on the task at hand (and reminded me to stay on task!).

Would you like to receive a copy of the catalogue when it is finished? Email me your mailing address at: chris @

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