Chapter 165 Be Helpful When You Can

Last Friday, I responded to a question another bookseller posted about Dante on a bookseller/librarian/collector email list. My response to his question led to additional requests for the catalogue from other people on the list reading my response. Furthermore, the bookseller who asked the initial question has much more experience than I do. I emailed him off-list with some questions about bookselling and about compiling a print catalogue and he very graciously responded with some helpful answers and suggestions.

Lesson learned: Be helpful when you can. You never know when it might lead to getting to know others who are interested in the same subjects as you and who may be able to help you.

Also, it was fun to discover I could provide an answer to the original question in the post. I usually post questions on email lists, and I rarely feel experienced enough to be helpful to other booksellers (other than sharing what I’ve learned from my own mistakes), so actually having some useful knowledge in this case made me feel good.

I’m excited to get back to work on the catalogue this week!

See you in the stacks!


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3 responses to “Chapter 165 Be Helpful When You Can

  1. librarian

    What is the name of the bookseller/librarian/collector email list? Sounds like a fruitful combination.

  2. I am on the same email list. I saw the original question, and when I read it, I immediately thought of you. I was going to reply referring him to you, but then several posts later your reply showed up. I was impressed.

  3. It’s called Ex-Libris.

    This page will tell you all about it, and I think you can read archives too. It’s coming in to my ISP email so I dont think they accept webmail addresses such as yahoo or hotmail.

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