Chapter 163 I Just Can’t Resist This

While I enjoy thinking of Tom and Huck and Cousin Joe all clean and dressed up in their tiny tuxedoes (see mother’s fantasy photo below),

they are up to their usual mischief when I’m not looking:

The mischievous part isn’t just that they are making funny faces. The mischievous part is the choice of middle finger, which Huck (on the left) used to hold open his eyes. (He’s only seven, so I am pretty sure –99% — that choice was unintentional, lol.) 😉

I apologize for posting a somewhat offensive photo, even if the offense was unintentional. I’m just “keeping it real” around here, lest you suppose that I gave birth to angelic boys who love to dress in formal wear and smile contentedly for the camera!

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One response to “Chapter 163 I Just Can’t Resist This

  1. Whew, I am so glad they were back to their normal selves. I would have been most concerned if they were still on their best behaviour while wearing those tuxes and smiling. But your kids are obviously normal.

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