Chapter 162 The Wedding

I mentioned before that my youngest brother got married over the weekend. I’m including a photo of the bride and groom, of course, but if you scroll down you’ll see another photo. It is a very rare shot indeed.

Below are Tom and Huck and their cousin Joe Harper. (Wikipedia: “Joseph — Joe — Harper is Tom Sawyer’s friend in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and joins Tom on some of his adventures. He becomes a pirate with Tom and Huck, when they ran away from home to Jacksons Island.”) There’s nothing unusual about a photo of Tom, Huck, and Joe, except in this particular photo. Take a good look and see if you can guess why it such a rare photo. Huck is on the left and Tom is on the right with cousin Joe in the middle.

In this photo, the three boys are scrubbed clean and are wearing tuxedos. Their hair is combed and teeth are brushed! Try as they might to stay barefoot in raggedy play clothes and covered in mud most days, this photo is how I, their mother, like to enivision Tom and Huck. It pains them to no end. 😉

See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 162 The Wedding

  1. Lovely photos. I am surprised that the boys are actually smiling while wearing their tuxedos. You would have thought they would be frowning just to get the wedding over and done so they can go change clothes. LOL

  2. What handsome boys~I have a feeling they know how good they look! And the bride and groom aren’t bad, either ;~)

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