Chapter 159 In the Words of a Famous Song, “Going to the Chapel and Gonna Get Married”

Did I mention my youngest brother is getting married this Saturday? Did I mention that Thoughtful Husband, Tom, Huck and I are all in the wedding party?

We have been consumed by pre-wedding activities like welcoming relatives, wrangling the boys into tuxedos, eating lunch with the other bridesmaids, and golfing with the other groomsmen.

Sorry to say that though I have a bookish post in mind for today, I have no time to write it. I shall have to take a bit of a blogging break until Monday! Then it’s back to the books. I promise.

Best wishes to my brother and his bride! I’m always thrilled to add another female to my nearly all-male family. And guess what? She likes Laura Ingalls Wilder, too! Do you suppose she’s just being polite when she says that? I have to wonder, because it is almost too much to hope for a sister-in-law who is nearly as much of a Laura Ingalls Wilder “nerd” (my brother’s word — I prefer the more dignified word “fan”) as I! 😉

Coming Monday: Chrislands purchased by ABE and the Importance of Diversification

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