Chapter 155 Progress

If you read this blog regularly, you’re probably expecting me to say that I didn’t do any book work over the weekend. Normally, you’d be right. Today, however, I am pleased to say that, during the weekend, I made actual progress on the Dante catalogue.

While I worried that I would spend countless hours researching programs I could use to lay out the catalogue (I even procrastinated because of this), I discovered recently that my Mac has an easy-to-use program in iWork called Pages. Never mind that I’ve had this Mac for over three years and didn’t know that such a program even existed on my computer. You already know I’m a bit clueless when it comes to computers. I can use technology for what I need and that’s it. If I need more than I know, I learn as I go. I know. It’s yet another sign that I am cut out to be an antiquarian bookseller and not a desktop publisher or IT person. 😉 I am thrilled to have found that 1) I already have a program on my computer, 2) It’s a program that I, a technological illiterate, can use, and 3) I may actually be able to complete this catalogue in the near future.

I played around with Pages most of Saturday, and by Saturday evening had the cover and three pages of catalogue — written descriptions with prices and images of the books — in color! I printed it out to see if it actually works, and lo and behold, it does. Now that I have laid to rest my immediate fears about laying out a print catalogue on a computer, I can quit procrastinating and work with real enthusiasm. (And I can feel more than a bit foolish for not realizing that the Pages program was there on my computer this whole time, waiting for me to discover it.)

Today is only Monday, but there is still more progress to report on the book front. I am signing up to exhibit at the Gold Rush Book Fair in Grass Valley, CA on May 17. Grass Valley is a very scenic Gold Rush town about 3 hours from where I live. I will once again share a booth with the intrepid Jeanne Jarzombek of The Book Prowler. Thoughtful Husband is going to attend this fair as well, so it is shaping up to be a fun weekend.

Finally, my youngest brother is getting married this coming weekend, and I want to wish him and his lovely bride well. Since I grew up with only my brothers and no sisters, I am always thrilled to get a new sister and friend in the family. Congratulations!

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