Chapter 152 Books for an April Fool

First, thanks to those who left comments and emailed me regarding possible ways to organize the Dante catalogue. Your ideas and feedback are much appreciated, and, in some cases, have stopped me from making mistakes. Thank you.

It’s April 1, and that means spring and a bit of foolishness are in the air here. (But, really, when is there not a bit of foolishness in the air around here?) When I went to my local historical society on a recent book hunting expedition, I found a few of the things I sought — peace and quiet, the feeling of being in a roomful of treasure while people bustle by outside oblivious to the plunder within, and a couple of good books.

Since today is April Fools Day, I have to list two of the titles I saw for sale there. I didn’t buy these, but perhaps I should have. Each probably has some kind of cult following. Instead I was distracted by a bibliography of children’s book illustrators and a 1955 book on the pathogenesis of polio inscribed by its author. I bought those instead. Still, I jotted down the titles of the two books that seemed as if they had been specifically created for just such a day as April 1. I am not making these titles up as an April Fools joke. They are 100% real. Here are the titles:

Organic Farming Under Glass


The Care and Feeding of Stuffed Animals

You should have seen the pictures in the second title. 😉

Happy April Fools Day!

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One response to “Chapter 152 Books for an April Fool

  1. ruby

    The Care and Feeding of Stuffed Animals sounds like a must have for any youngster. I’ve no idea how I managed without a copy.

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