Chapter 150 Back to the Books

Tom and Huck return to school today, after a week off for Easter vacation. The house is peaceful enough for actual book work again. I’m off to my local historical society to hunt for some more books today. It’s been too long since I’ve gotten out to scout, and I’ve missed the last two of my favorite library sales. I don’t often find lots of books at the historical society, but I find enough to make occasional visits worthwhile. Besides, I love its quiet basement location in an historic old courthouse. Did I mention that there’s a great bakery down the street, too? 😉

Now that March is ending, it’s time to plan for April. First, here’s my list of priorities for March, with the status in bold next to the goal.


+ Learn more about Rare Book School Courses at UCLA DONE. Applied for “Books of the Far West” course.
+ Do something, anything, related to completing the Dante catalogue. Bought two more books. Did nothing else.
+ Set up 2008 accounting on computer. Done. This was a big project, and took most of my work hours during March. Now all is in order and I will enter expenses as they arise rather than saving them up for 14 months and then trying to enter them on the computer. (Sure I will.)
+ List one book a day. Did not list any new books. Did have a few sales, though.
+ Contribute an article to BookThink. Done.
+ Contribute an article to Bookshop Blog. Not done. Sorry again, Bruce.
+ Keep blogging here. Done.

Here are the priorities for April:

+Dante catalogue.
+Contribute an article to BookThink.
+Contribute an article to Bookshop Blog.
+Keep blogging here.

You can see that with the exceptions of some writing commitments I’ve made to others and to myself, I am making that catalogue the only priority this month, probably at the expense of a few other sales I could spend time to get. But that’s ok. I’ve got to finish this catalogue. It’s finally time.

See you in the stacks!

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