Chapter 149 How Much Do You Pay When a Customer Offers You Books?

I’m still spending time with Tom and Huck, who are out of school this week on Easter vacation. Having kids out of school for a week means that they want to do exciting things every day, like watching the man who hammered a four-inch, steel nail into his skull, ate fire, and walked barefoot on broken glass while carrying Tom on his back. We’ve been very busy trying to top that today. I promise that next week my posting will be back to bookish business. In the meantime, Joyce Godsey, owner of and Bibliophile Bullpen has answered the above question.

How much should you pay when a customer offers you books?

This is an important question. The first part of the antiquarian bookselling equation is finding the best books in the best condition. The second, and equally important part of the equation is paying the best price for the book. Check out Joyce’s take on the question here.

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