Chapter 141 Little House in the Suburbs

Guess what this is?


Though I realize it may not look like it to you, this is a little piece of paradise to me.

Any guesses as to where this is? Need another hint?

I’ll be fulfilling a childhood dream and travelling here sometime this summer.

Still can’t guess what it is? It belonged to this woman’s family.


Don’t know who she is? If you were a kid in the 1970s, you will be able to tell from the next image, I am sure:


That’s right. It’s Laura Ingalls Wilder. That last photo is from the Little House on the Prairie television show from the 1970s. While the show does not compare to the books, I must say that I learned that there were books to read from watching the show as a kid. Then I read each and every book. And loved them!

Sometime this summer we will be driving ourselves and Tom and Huck across the country to see Wilder’s real-life homes in DeSmet, South Dakota and Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Why? That’s a story for another post.

See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 141 Little House in the Suburbs

  1. Hi there. I’ve been to the place in that picture, and it’s just as magical as you’d think. Have a great trip!

    sandra hume
    editor, the Homesteader

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