Chapter 138 No Rest for the Wicked


See that lonely basketball hoop in the photo above? It’s the sign that basketball season has ended. Tom’s team had its final game last weekend. No more two-evening-a-week practices and no more weekend games. A calmer schedule. I think of it as a sports break for me, even though Tom and Huck would much rather play sports all the time. I like these breaks; it means I have more time to read.

However . . .

This week, Huck started playing baseball. It’s his first year in Little League. Practices. Games. A busier schedule.


No sports breaks for this mom. But lots of fun. Look at that green, green grass. Baseball is a definite sign that spring has arrived, or is at least on its way. Will my son think I don’t care about him if I read an Emily Dickinson bibliography in the bleachers? 😉

See you in the stacks!

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One response to “Chapter 138 No Rest for the Wicked

  1. Oh (huge sigh) just look at that green green grass. We still dont have ANY of that stuff here in Toronto. Up here we still have mountains and mountains of some white but mostly dirty (and I do mean filthy black) SNOW.


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