Chapter 134 Might as Well

Thoughtful Husband and I live in the same house in which he grew up. We bought it from my mother-in-law thirteen years ago. It took all we had just to buy it at the time, and we made a few cosmetic improvements — new paint, new landscaping, refinished hardwood floors and new kitchen appliances and countertops — but we refrained from any really costly, major renovations, thinking we’d get to it some day. We were just happy to be in a house in the Bay Area.

Then we had kids, and any disposable income and spare time we had for renovations went right out the window. Here we are now, thirteen years after moving in to a 60+ year-old house that needs a new roof and new windows, a better heating system, and updated plumbing and wiring. One reason we’ve never updated our bathrooms is that we know it will lead us to say, “While we have it ripped up, we might as well replace the pipes. And if we’re going to replace the pipes, we might as well replace the wiring. And if we’re going to replace the wiring, we might as well . . .” It just becomes too overwhelming, not to mention expensive.

Eventually, we will do all of these things; just not right now.

So, last night we were assembling the furniture our friend gave us for the kids’ playroom, which is actually just the third bedroom in our three-bedroom house. Turns out the new furniture doesn’t quite fit along the wall the way we had anticipated. It would, however, fit the wall in the second bedroom, which is the one Tom and Huck currently share.

Well, we concluded (ok, I concluded it while Thoughtful Husband frowned and shook his head, realizing that resistance is futile), we could switch rooms. Tom and Huck’s room could become the playroom and the playroom could become Tom and Huck’s bedroom and everything should then fit comfortably.

“And, honey, if we’re going to move all of the furniture, we might as well paint both rooms. It’s been six years since we painted and we could do it ourselves on weekends. How hard can it be?” I asked enthusiastically.

“And, if we’re going to paint both rooms, we might as well think about making the decor in Tom and Huck’s room a little more grown up looking. They’re not toddlers anymore.” (Now Thoughtful Husband’s head is in his hands and he is trying not to hyperventilate.)

“But, you know, I think the [old] playroom is really cold, so maybe we might as well get new windows in there, the double-paned ones that are more efficient, if the kids are going to sleep in there every night.” (There’s no stopping me now.)

“And if one room is going to get new windows, we might as well replace all the windows in the house at the same time so they look uniform.” (He is plugging his ears with his fingers, as if he can’t hear me. Imagine!)

“Honey? Honey!?” (He is slumped on the floor in the fetal position.)

So, the half-assembled furniture sits in the playroom while we figure out what, if anything, can be done in a single weekend without getting carried away by the might as wells.

Have a good weekend and see you in the stacks!

P.S. I did something with regard to the Dante catalogue today — I bought another book!


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3 responses to “Chapter 134 Might as Well

  1. Yes, the “might as wells.” I have fought many a battle with the might-as-wells, even though I rent! “I’m going to spend a few minutes and clean up this part of the yard….but, wait, if I am going to that then I might as well….” Next thing you know, I’m spending my entire weekend trying to singlehandedly start my own HGTV landscaping documentary!

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