Chapter 133 Extreme Home Makeover — Well, Kind of . . .

We live in a three-bedroom house. It’s not large, but it’s just right for the four of us. Thoughtful Husband and I have one bedroom, Tom and Huck share another bedroom, and the third bedroom is called “the playroom”. It’s a repository for thousands of Lego pieces, various toys, and Tom and Huck’s music instruments. The playroom is usually a mess, and other than making the boys straighten it up about once a week, I just close the door on it at the end of the day. As the kids are getting older, we are gradually phasing out the little boy toys and replacing them with music instruments and Legos. Tom takes guitar lessons and Huck takes drum lessons, so perhaps one day they’ll have a band! Right now, they practice their instruments in the playroom and they have “band practice” with our triplet neighbors (hence the keyboard). Yes, they’re noisy and quite out of tune, but they have so much fun and I’m glad they want to play here, so I try to tune out the cacophony and fantasize about making this room my office and library when the kids move out someday.

Today, a good friend gave us some children’s furniture — two corner desks with hutches, two work tables, and two end tables with drawers. He’d been planning to use them for his own kids but a last minute move meant they wouldn’t fit properly in the bedroom his kids would use. We thought it would be great to give our kids a space for homework that they can use as they get older and we figured the furniture could also be used to store some toys and school supplies, so we accepted it gratefully.

This evening, Thoughtful Husband, Tom, Huck, and I unpacked and assembled most of the furniture. Here are a few “before” and “during” shots. When we’re finished, I’ll show you the “after”. We’ve still got a ways to go before there’s a place for everything and everything in its place.

The playroom on a normal day. Cluttered and messy.

My creative solution to storing Lego sets. I bought these scrapbook supply holders on sale at Michael’s Crafts for less than $20 apiece. Each plastic drawer holds one set of Lego plus its building instruction book. This way, we avoid the Star Wars Legos getting mixed up with the Aqua Raiders Legos or the Mars Mission Legos. It’s not the most beautiful set-up, but it looks so much better than 10,000 tiny plastic bricks on the floor.

Thoughtful Husband and Tom assembling one of the work tables.

In case you’re thinking I didn’t get much book work done today, you’re wrong. I spent a few hours at my local library doing bibliographic research on a recent acquisition!

See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 133 Extreme Home Makeover — Well, Kind of . . .

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  2. It looks like you have a great space there that is going to be great for you! Good work!

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