Chapter 131 March 2008 Business Priorities

It’s time to set goals for March. Actually, seeing as how this evening is March 3, it is past time. Running late. Unfortunately, given family obligations and work obligations, running late was the theme for February. I’m going to try to avoid falling behind in March.

Below are the priorities for February with the current status in bold:

+ Finish preparing for the San Francisco Book and Paper Fair. DONE!
+ Exhibit at the San Francisco Book and Paper Fair. DONE!
+ Return all books to their rightful shelves after the fair. (Since my books are spread out all over the house, this usually takes some time. I always want to put them back so I can find one I’m looking for later.) DONE!
+ Switch accounting from ledger book to computer. HALFWAY DONE — TAX PAPERWORK FOR 2007 GIVEN TO ACCOUNTANT. NEED TO SET UP 2008 ON COMPUTER.
+ After the book fair and the accounting, work on the Dante catalogue until it is finished!!!! Specifically, I want to finish writing descriptions for the remainder of the books in the catalogue this month — about 25 books to go. PATHETICALLY, DID NOT EVEN START THIS ONE!
+ Learn more about the Rare Book School courses at UCLA. MOVE TO MARCH
+ Contribute an article to BookThink. DONE.
+ Contribute an article to Bookshop Blog. NOT DONE. SORRY, BRUCE.
+ Keep blogging here. DONE


+ Learn more about Rare Book School Courses at UCLA
+ Do something, anything, related to completing the Dante catalogue.
+ Set up 2008 accounting on computer.
+ List one book a day.
+ Contribute an article to BookThink.
+ Contribute an article to Bookshop Blog.
+ Keep blogging here.

Since there’s no book fair this month, I expect to get more done. On the other hand, the kids are home from school for 10 days later this month for Easter Break.

If you wonder how much time is spent on family on an average weekday, here was today’s schedule. It’s pretty average. Despite my fervent desire to do more, books got only a few hours today:

6:45 Get up and get kids up. Make sure they get dressed, teeth brushed, shoes tied.
8:00 Kids to school.
8-10 Check email, eat breakfast, tidy up house, feed dog, fill bird feeders, get myself dressed.
10-11:30 Run errands. Today it was the pet store, the grocery store, and the shoe store.
11:30-12:45 Work on books/ write a blog post.
12:45 Kids out of school early today. Take them to lunch.
2:00 Take Tom to the allergist
3:00 Return home. Supervise Tom and Huck’s homework. Prepare dinner.
4:00 Work on books while kids play.
5:00 Leave to take my little brother and his fiancee to the airport
6:00 Take Tom to basketball practice.
7:30 Dinner
8:30 Kids to bed.
9:00 Finish working on books if needed or read or ask Thoughtful Husband about his day.

It adds up to about three hours a day, usually in small increments. I’d like to give more time to books, but I can’t always do that. I do have the occasional day where the kids don’t have an after-school practice or homework, but not very often. The Dante catalogue is such a big project that I don’t even try to work on it unless I have an uninterrupted block of three or more hours to do so. The trouble is that, while I do have time, that uninterrupted three hour block is tough to come by. Since January, I’ve been trying to re-organize my time to do errands and such only on certain days with a little improvement. However, last month I spent those days with three or more hours of work time preparing for a book fair. This month, I have no fairs for which to prepare. I will definitely put the time into completing the catalogue. (I write that not so much to inform you as to hold myself accountable. I’ll let you know how it works out in April.)

Dear reader, I’m not trying to complain about my schedule. The only thing I like better than being a bookseller is being a wife and mother. The key is finding out the appropriate amount of time for each and accepting that that amount of time is the limit. And now, my time’s up — off to drive my little brother to the airport.

See you in the stacks!

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One response to “Chapter 131 March 2008 Business Priorities

  1. No worries Chris.
    I enjoyed your posts here (as well as Bookthink – a fav of mine) and look forward to anything that might come our way. With an eleven month old, wife back to work, running our bookstore and the blog I also wish there were a couple extra hours in the day.

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