Chapter 130 A Few (Short) Additional Thoughts

The downside of posting daily on a blog is that I don’t have time to edit and revise a lot of what I write. I try, but a lot of times I am just writing what I think. Sometimes this leads to good writing, and other times not so much. Despite the length of the three posts I wrote last week about introducing antiquarian books to the newcomer — sorry, not the best things I’ve ever written — I had a few extra thoughts after I posted.

Last week, I wrote about how, when I was teaching high school English, I sometimes used links to popular culture to help students relate to the sometimes ancient texts they had to read. I believe that the antiquarian bookseller who wants to reach the next generation of collector must reach out and make sure that antiquarian books are seen and discussed somewhere in popular culture — through blogs, videos, book fairs, even on movie sets. Will this persuade eveyone to suddenly start collecting antiquarian books? No, not likely, but it exposes those who might have the collecting bent to the fact that antiquarian books exist, something I don’t think the trade does very well. Apparently, I am not the only who thinks so. The Heldfond Book Gallery of San Anselmo has already taken a step toward doing this by posting on YouTube a promotional film that advantageously displays and promotes their lovely shop and their outstanding books:

Take a look at YouTube searching under Heldfond. They have done quite a few creative and fun promotional videos. And, to reach the really young generation — those Tom and Huck’s age and younger — this bookstore hosted an event where the characters all modern children know from Star Wars came alive in a bookstore. Watch it to believe it! While it’s not my cup of tea, my kids would want to shop any bookstore that had such an event.

‘Nuff said.

See you in the stacks!

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