Chapter 115 ZZzzzz…….

It’s midnight on Sunday (Monday morning?), and I just returned home from the fair. (I left on Friday morning). Lots of fun bookseller dinners. Lots of fun at the fair and all kinds of exciting things to report. The thing is, I have to take kids to school early in the morning (around 7:30) and I am exhausted. So, excuse the delay in posting (especially any one waiting to hear about the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair). I have a lot to say about the fair, and I promise to post in more detail tomorrow.

For now, the short part of the story is:

1) Yes, it was a “good” fair.
2) Yes, I had a great time with other booksellers and book collectors.
3) Yes, I sold that book.
4) Yes, I bought a few great items.

More tomorrow. For now, off to sleep and catch some zzz’s. Thanks for your patience.

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  1. Chris,

    What a wonderful an inspiring post. Your blog is so full with positive inspiration for every person, including myself, who dreams of becoming an antiquarian bookseller. Thanks for sharing your ongoing journey.

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