Chapter 113 Almost Ready

The test shelves for the book fair are almost ready:


The mylar dustjacket covers are applied.

The books are priced.

The requisite celebratory (or consolatory, depending on sales) chocolate is packed:


The hoping/wondering whether anyone will want to buy one (or more) of my books has set in.

The knowledge that I’ll be meeting new booksellers during set-up on Friday both thrills and terrifies me. (Don’t worry. I promise to behave better than I did last time.)

The knowledge that I’ll also see some booksellers I already know is quite reassuring, and I’m looking forward to being with other booksellers .

Tomorrow I’ll put the books into boxes so I’ll be ready to leave early Friday morning. This takes a lot of boxes, a fair amount of bubble wrap, and strong arms. I have no idea how those of you exhibiting at this fair from the East Coast get everything packed and shipped. It must cost you a fortune. I’m lucky. I get to drive to this fair.

See you in the stacks, or, if you live nearby, at the fair!

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