Chapter 105 Cough Cough, Sniffle Sniffle

It’s going to be a very light post today, as I awoke sneezing, sniffling, and coughing to the sound of — what else? — rain. It’s been raining nearly two weeks straight now (which is actually a good thing — minimizes the concern of summertime drought). I recently learned that for the next several Sunday nights on the program Masterpiece Theater on PBS, a film version of the novels of Jane Austen will air. I’ve been recording these the past few weeks, and have Persuasion and Northanger Abbey stored up in the DVR. Tonight’s episode is Mansfield Park.

So, while I’m not usually one sit around and watch television, the combination of bad weather, bad cold, and good movies means you’ll find me holed up with a cup of Earl Grey under a blanket. I don’t like to get sick, but think that if I must be sick now, it means that I should be well in plenty of time for the upcoming book fair on February 9 & 10. I would really hate to be sick for the book fair.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope with health and sunshine restored.

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