Chapter 97 Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar Announces 2008 Program

It’s here! The Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar has announced its 2008 program and its all-star faculty line up. I took this course last summer and my bookselling knowledge increased exponentially. I also got to meet lots of other booksellers, always a good thing! And, if you click over to their website, you’ll see that full and partial scholarships are available, so there’s no reason not to go. Sign up now! This is the best thing I did last year in an effort to become more professional. All types of booksellers are welcome!

If you’d like to read an in-depth article (by my fellow seminarian Karin Bergsagel) about what transpires in Colorado, click here.

August 3-8, 2008
Colorado College, Colorado Springs

Please visit here for this year’s program highlights and schedule.

We proudly announce this year’s program which includes our Keynote Speaker, Hannes Blum, CEO of Abe Books;

Specialty dealers David Margolis and Jean Moss from Santa Fe, NM, specialists in ephemera, photography, and fine books;

and, Terry Belanger, 2005 MacArthur Fellow, and founder of Rare Book School, University of Virginia.

Featuring Dan Gregory, internet specialist from Between the Covers Rare Books; and Dan De Simone, Curator, Lessing Rosenwald Collection, Library of Congress.

Other members of the faculty include Tom Congalton of Between the Covers, Haddonfield, NJ; Mary Francis Ciletti, Hooked on Books, Colorado Springs, CO; Mike Ginsberg, Sharon MA; Ed Glaser, Napa, CA; Lois Harvey, West Side Books, Denver, CO; Kevin Johnson, Royal Books, Baltimore, MD; Rob Rulon-Miller, St. Paul, MN; our conservator Angela Scott, Washington, DC; and Chris Volk of

Nearly 30 years ago, Jake Chernofsky (Editor of AB Bookman’s Weekly) and others established a week-long seminar in Denver aimed at providing education for persons interested in entering the used / OP / academic / rare book trade. Under various administrative configurations, the Seminar, long well-known and highly respected in the rare book community, has continued to fulfill this function to this day. Given the enormous changes in the antiquarian book world since 1978, the curriculum has changed accordingly, with increasing emphasis on the realities of bookselling in the electronic age. Over the years more than 2100 students have graduated from the Seminar, many of whom have gone on to become prominent members of the bookselling community.

This year the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America (ABAA), Alibris, the Rocky Mountain Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association (RMABA), the Independent Online Booksellers’ Association (IOBA), and Abe Books will offer a total of ten scholarships for the Seminar. Applications should be sent to each respective organization by June 30, 2008. Details will be available at the Seminar website shortly.

Please direct questions about any seminar information to:

Kathy Lindeman, Local Coordinator
Colorado Springs: (719) 473-6634
or E-mail to:

Please take a look at the Seminar’s web site and help publicize its existence wherever you can, especially to those who are unlikely to be current subscribers to the bibliographical bulletin boards or who are otherwise unlikely to be connected to the American old book scene. The Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar performs an essential service to bibliographical pedagogy, and it deserves our collective support.


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