Chapter 95 A Short Book Review and The Week Ahead

Last week I mentioned a new book I was reading: Fifty Acres and a Poodle, by Jean Marie Laska. Here’s what I said about it:

So, I went to Border’s today and here I sit now, enthralled with the new book I selected. Stunningly, it is not a book about books. It’s a book about my other favorite subject: what it would be like to be a pioneer woman and live on a farm. It is Jean Marie Laska’s Fifty Acres and a Poodle: A Story of Love, Livestock, and Finding Myself on a Farm, and it is hilarious (somewhat remniscent of The Egg and I). It’s easy reading, smart writing, and just a joy. Though I really can’t afford the sleep deprivation, I sense an all-nighter coming on. I’ll let you know tomorrow if it was worth skipping sleep for.

Today I realized that I never told you whether it was worth skipping sleep to read it.

Apparently not. I tried to read it at bedtime, and read over 100 pages, but then fell asleep around midnight. This is not due to the quality of writing, which was excellent, but to my inability to stay up all night the older I get.

I finished it the next night, though. Obviously, a book about an urban woman who buys a farm on a whim will not appeal to everyone, but I found it to be intelligently written and very humorous. It was a nice light read, and a break from the books about books that I usually read. The author’s honest account of realizing a dream — owning a farm — is also my dream, which I’ve told you about before. Remember this purchase in Sacramento last September? My Plan B if bookselling is a complete and total failure?


I did pretty well with my list of priorities last week, and did catalogue one book per day. Here are a few of the things on tap for this week (at least in the bookselling realm):

+ List at least one book per day
+ Make sure I have enough boxes to bring my books to the San Francisco Fair
+ Buy a weekly planner/calendar to be used for bookish scheduling only
+ Begin pulling books and ephemeral items I plan to take to the San Francisco Fair. Make sure each is priced, described, and, if needed, labelled properly.
+ Convince Thoughtul Husband that it is his marital duty to assemble three portable bookcases for me to take to the fair. Pretty please? 🙂
+ Install (gulp) Quicken on my computer to use in conjunction with BookHound. (There is a chance that this could take up my entire week, given my technical skills, but let’s be positive and hope not).
+ Write a draft of my next article for BookThink.

Tomorrow’s post: Bookseller etiquette — yes, there is such a thing!

See you in the stacks!

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