Chapter 91 January Business Priorities

Today is the first day we are really back to our regular routines around here — kids are back in school and Thoughtful Husband is back at work. Determined to carve out real time in my day committed solely to the book business, I managed to spend 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. working today. I have plans to do the same tomorrow and Thursday. Wednesday and Friday are committed to other errands and plans, but I expect to fulfill any orders and to blog every day except weekends.

After drinking a big cup of Earl Grey tea from my book geek mug, here’s what I did today:

+ Paid the balance owed on my booth at the upcoming San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print, and Paper Fair.
+ Finalized the floor plan for my shared booth at the fair.
+ Wrote up and mailed the equipment plan for the book fair.
+ Wrote and sent an email to my boothmate at the book fair.
+ Paid some bills related to the business and renewed my business tax certificate for the city in which I live
+ Catalogued one (minor but very pretty) book — WILD FLOWERS WORTH KNOWING, by Neltje Blanchan. When I say “catalogued”, I mean that I listed the book in my BookHound database and then uploaded it to my website.
+ Emailed the editor of BookThink about plans for a future article.
+ Looked at what I need to do before the end of January and made a list of steps to accomplish it.

Here’s a photo of the final booth layout for me and Jeanne Jarzombek, of The Book Prowler, when we exhibit in San Francisco February 9 and 10. You wouldn’t think it would take so long to figure this out, but, as we are both new to the book fair universe, it did. We experimented with lots of different ideas before we arrived at the simplest. 😉


Now, without further ado, here (in no particular order) are the things that must and should be accomplished in January:

1) Get accounting records into a computer program (given my lack of accounting and tech skills, this is likely to take a long time).

2) Complete and remit annual sales and use tax report (my first) no later than January 31, 2008.

3) Assemble three more portable bookcases for the book fair (I may — please, Honey? — be able to delegate this job to Thoughtful Husband.)

4) Start planning which books to bring to the fair. Make sure all are priced and that those over $100 have descriptions printed and placed inside front cover. In my opinion, any book over $100 should justify to a potential customer why it’s worth that much.

5) Purchase new binders for 2008 receipts for Books Bought, Books Sold, and Other Expenses. There are probably other ways to organize this, but as I am a small scale business, this seems to work so far. Also purchase a weekly planner book to remind what needs doing.

6) List at least one book per day on my website.

7) Somehow, some way, find time to begin describing the final two dozen books for my catalogue.

8 ) Contribute an article to Book Think.

9) Keep blogging.

See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 91 January Business Priorities

  1. Dan

    Hey there! This is Dan from Shoeboxed. It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate with the book fair coming up. As far as your expenses, receipts, and tax reports go, I think you should check out our site, The site is free and gives you a simple and secure way to store and organize your receipts online by scanning them in or having electronic receipts e-mailed directly to your free account. You can view your spending trends with our My Statistics feature, and you can even export your purchase information to Excel! Plus, if you don’t have time to upload scanned files of your receipts, you can use our new Mail-In feature and ship your receipts to us to do all the scanning and uploading. Then we’ll send them back to you with another prepaid envelope, sort of like the method Netflix uses with their DVDs. Check it out and good luck with the Book Fair!

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