Chapter 87 Resolved, To Be More Organized

I’m on my way home from the snow today.  I’m still having a bit of trouble posting from this computer, but I’ll be back to my regular posting from home sometime tomorrow, so please be patient.
I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions, but I decided to make a resolution with regard to my businesss, and that is to be a bit more organized, particuarly with the way I budget my time.
I don’t really plan ahead which days I will work on my book business each week.  I do a little bit each day, and some days I do a lot. Most of this depends on the rest of the family’s schedules and whether a book fair is in the immediate future. For instance, I’ve done almost nothing in December, because of the kids being off school for two weeks. When they are home (while they are home — 9 short years until Tom goes to college), I want to focus my time on them. Because I had originally started with collecting books as a hobby, I never worried about how consistently I spent time on my hobby. I fit it in whenever and wherever I could.
I realize that if I want to consider myself a professional bookseller I need to figure out how much time I need to spend on books, how much time I actually have to spend on books and somehow reconcile the two.  Upon my return, I plan to look at some of my household routines and see if I can get them organized in such a way as to work on books only (and not errands to the grocery store and answering my personal telephone and such) two to three days a week while the boys are at school. Since the boys started school in August, two to three full days per week spent on books has not yet happened. More like one day spent full time on books and about 2 hours per day the other days. 
September, 2007, when Tom and Huck started school, was the first time in almost ten years that my time between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. has been my own to plan. I admit that I have been enjoying not having to plan anything for the past few months.  Now that I have done so, it’s time to actively sell my books. That means listing more books on my website, trying to build up a customer base, and listing books for sale in other venues, something I do not currently do. And, yes, first and foremost, it means finishing that Dante catalogue!
I’ll be sharing my business priorities and my rationale with you as I formulate this plan, because I need to have them written down somewhere to remind myself.   If any of you are working from home with young children still at home much (or all) of the time, leave a comment and share your routine  if you’re willing.
Happy 2008! 


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2 responses to “Chapter 87 Resolved, To Be More Organized

  1. I love this blog. I too am a teacher and became involved in selling books when I obtained custody of 4 grandchildren overnight 2 years ago. It is a learning adventure everyday; I was given 24 and then found 11 boxes of books on the side of the road (literally!!) in May. I have resolved to get through all these boxes and list all these books by June of this year!! I now have six children however and like you don’t want to be that kind of mother. We will continue to amble along; my sales this year were triple last years; small compared to some, but very good for us! I look forward to catching up with your older entries and look forward to reading the new ones daily. In the spirit of collecting;;; Cindy Roach

  2. I think I fell in love with Cindy. (Don’t tell my wifeypoo! – It’s not that kind of love anyway…)

    From one comment my heart made a leap in my chest that I know is not undigested beef like Scrooge suggested to the Ghost of Marley.

    Cindy – Please start a blog and let us know the URL…

    There is a kinship of spirit here that needs to be cultivated.

    A suggestion: when you think of a name “Google it” and see how many hits you have to contend with to put it on top.
    Sorry Chris for this deviation from my comment to you and your posting…

    Just keep doing what you have been doing and let time take you where it will.

    The best laid plans…

    The last thing you need is for someone else’s crisis to fill you with guilt for breaking away from your “WORK” (I still hear Maynard G. Krebs saying that word) or for you to say, “I’m too busy”…

    Proverbs 3:5-6

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