Chapter 79 Dental Poetry

Sometimes life interrupts my bookish reveries. Today is one of those days. I had to have two cracked teeth fillings (the only two I’ve ever had) replaced this afternoon, and as my teeth, lips, tongue, and cheek are all still numb from all that novacaine (8 shots so the dentist could drill out the old fillings!) and my jaw is sore, I can’t concentrate enough to write a coherent bookish post. I am mystified by the fact that my face can feel hugely swollen from all that novacaine and yet look completely normal in the mirror. I still have to cook dinner and supervise Tom and Huck while they do their homework, when I’d really like to just cozy up in a quiet corner with a good book (David Magee’s Infinite Riches: Adventures of a Rare Book Dealer) and not have to think too much. I’ll keep this post short so I can do just that ASAP.

To make this post somewhat coherent and somewhat bookish, I’ll ask you to just enjoy this stanza from a longer poem by a man with a curious name that I am too lazy to research at the moment: John Nelson M’Jilton. (M’jilton? I thought this a typo for Milton, but a look at Google Books shows the “M’jilton” spelling on the title page.) There is an 1899 date in the book, but I don’t know the actual publication date.

by John Nelson M’Jilton

Why art thou so rebellious, raging tooth?
Why break the peace which pleasantly prevailed,
And raised such warfare in thy warm abode?
There’s room enough for thee and chance as fair,
As any of thy fellows may possess.
And there you all might dwell, a happy band
In the firm brotherhood that Nature formed,
When she permitted you to take the place
Of that confederacy, which she had tried
And proved to weak to stand the powerful test,
Of spreading bone and sinew; — on the soil
Where reigned and ruled the Aborigines
That were your predecessors, — you have power
To cluster undisturbed; succeeding foes
May never push you from your gifted rights.

If you want to read the rest, (four pages on an aching tooth? That’s too much even for me) click here. The Aching Tooth is on page 123.

Sorry for complaining about my teeth. I expect to be back in full blogging force sometime tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Chapter 79 Dental Poetry

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  2. WM

    M’Jilton = M(a)cJilton

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