Chapter 71 My New Book Shop

UPDATED: Please be sure to read to the bottom of the post.

I have good news for you! Over the weekend, my mother bought me my own book shop! I know, I know. I’m very spoiled to be treated so well by my mother. I have to apologize to my two brothers, who didn’t get anything. (Sorry, guys. I guess Mom does love me best.) 😉 The shop is everything I always dreamed an antiquarian book shop should be. It’s in a charming old building, it has a lovely central stair case, and it is already decked out for the holidays. There are floor to ceiling bookshelves and even one of those library ladders on rails that you need to reach books on the upper shelves. There’s room for additional stock. Every time I look at this shop, I see a dream come true.

My mom is a good bargain hunter, so she didn’t mind spoiling me this Christmas. This shop cost her less than $10. That’s right — less than $10.

And it’s a small shop — it holds miniature books and its total dimensions are about 3 inches by 4 inches. You read that correctly.

Here it is:




I certainly hope you’ve guessed by now that the shop my mom bought me is not a real shop but a Christmas ornament! I have great parents, but I don’t think I am as spoiled as to have them buy me my own actual brick and mortar shop. My website will have to do as my virtual shop for the time being.

My mom has been one of my biggest supporters in my bookselling quest. She read an article about Nicholas Basbanes several years ago, clipped it and gave it to me, her book-loving daughter. That led me to purchase and read all of his books. She encouraged me to apply for and helped me to go to a one-day book collecting seminar when I was just getting started. She has, on numerous occasions, taken care of Tom and Huck so I could attend book sales, book seminars, and book fairs. She has helped me keep my bookselling dream alive, and this book shop Christmas ornament she bought me reminds me of that each time I look at it. All booksellers should be so fortunate.

Thanks, Mom, for all of your support and encouragement! And thanks for the ornament. I hope you know I appreciate all you do.


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6 responses to “Chapter 71 My New Book Shop

  1. Wow, you really had me going there. I thought she really did pay out several hundred thousand dollars for a real life shop. But $10? I must have mis-read something. The photos are gorgeous.

  2. It’s a tiny little Christmas ornament that looks like a book shop. I love my mom, but there’s no way she would ever buy me a REAL book shop!

  3. I love it! Hey, there’s definately some under utilized space! And it has a cash register. Now that is hopeful. I want one…

  4. Oh, Chris…you had me at “my own book shop”. I turned many shades of green. Will your mom tell my mom where she bought it so I can have one, too?

  5. Very funny, is this one of those new bookstores that only carry ebooks? That is the only way I can see you having any sort of inventory… 😉

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