Chapter 69 California Rare Book School Courses

Did you know that in addition to the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, there is also a Rare Book School at UCLA? They recently announced their courses for summer 2008, and you can read all about it below. Note the part about field trips!

The California Rare Book School (CALRBS) is pleased to announce its schedule of classes for Summer 2008. Most courses will be held on the campus of UCLA. Several courses will include field trips to the many important collections housed in Southern California.

Week 1 (August 4-10)

Special Collections Librarianship: Operations & Administration;
faculty: Lynda Claassen, University of California San Diego; David Zeidberg, Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Descriptive Bibliography; faculty: Carl Berkhout, University of Arizona

History of the Book in Hispanic America, 16th-19th Centuries;
faculty: Daniel J. Slive, University of California San Diego; David Szewczyk, The Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company

Donors and Libaries;
faculty: Susan M. Allen, Getty Research Institute; William Barlow, Barlow & Hughan.

Week 2 (August 11-15)

Book Collecting: History and Techniques;
faculty: Bruce Whiteman, The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA

Book Illustration Processes to 1900;
faculty: Terry Belanger, Rare Book School, University of Virginia

Books of the Far West, with an Emphasis on California;
faculty: Gary F. Kurutz, California State Library

Preservation Stewardship of Library Collections;
faculty: Mark S. Roosa, Pepperdine University

For detailed course descriptions, bios of our faculty, applications and more go to


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2 responses to “Chapter 69 California Rare Book School Courses

  1. Shoot! I wish you didn’t tell me about this. Now I’m going to have to spend my rent money on lotto tickets so I can quit my job to attend these classes. Maybe the gas and electric money too!

    I’m going to be out on the streets, cold and without Internet access all because you posted this.

  2. Well, Prying1, then we’ll be living parallel lives! I plan to do whatever it takes to take one of these courses.


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