Chapter 57 Rare Book School Offers Scholarships

Did you read my recent post about the amazing courses offered at Rare Book School at the University of Virginia? I’ve blogged about it here and here and here.Were you thinking to yourself, “Well, that would be nice, but I don’t have any idea how I’d pay for it, so I probably can’t go”? When I first heard of Rare Book School, I had that same thought. I didn’t know there were scholarships available to help pay my tuition, and I figured I could attend after I sold my first $1,000 book. (I didn’t have any books worth more than a couple of hundred dollars at the time, so the prospect of selling a $1,000 book seemed light years away.) Don’t despair. Yes, you are a bookseller, and you could and should sell books to pay your way. But if you are just getting started in the business, as I am, you already know that despite selling lots of books there are a lot of other start-up expenses that seem to have more urgency than continuing education. What can you do? Read on:

When I checked my email Saturday, I was pleased to find a comment on my blog from Terry Belanger, founder of Rare Book School, I want to post his comment here, because I want to make sure that you know that full-tuition scholarships are available for attending Rare Book School. I even received one, and if I can do that, you probably can, too.

Professor Belanger’s comment reads:

“Thanks for posting this information about Rare Book School. Don’t forget that RBS has an active program providing full-tuition scholarships to applicants to the school. The Scholarship Committee favors applications from relative beginners in the various professions the school serves: notably academics interested in the history of books and printing and related subjects, antiquarian booksellers, conservators and binders, rare book librarians and curators — and those training to become one of the above. For a list of this year’s scholarship winners, click here.

Go for it!

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