Chapter 56 I Love This Job!

I received an order on Sunday via my website. It was from a customer I hadn’t met before for a book written by a woman who was an early pioneer in Oregon. Last night, I received this message from the customer:

“Thank you! Thank you! I received the book today!

My Mom will be thrilled when she sees the book! [The author] is related to us. Mom’s maiden name is M——–. Mom is the Great, Great Granddaughter of [the author]. Which makes me her Great, Great,Great Granddaughter.


I felt very satisfied to know that my customer was not only pleased with the book, but as I also have a great-grandmother with a (possible) connection to books, I was thrilled to meet someone else as interested in her ancestors as I am in mine. I’ve written before about the pleasures of connecting a customer with a book you know will be perfect for them, and I’ll say again that it is indeed a great feeling and one of the perks of being a bookseller.

Now, off to a job I don’t love as much as selling books — the dog needs a bath today!

Have a good weekend! I’ll be back Monday with a new post!

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