Chapter 45 Addenda

I had a few details to add to some of my recent posts on A Bookseller’s Education, and thought I’d round them up here:

1) When I talked about things I did to start my business, I neglected to mention a business plan. Bookselling, while a great love of my life, is indeed a business, and it behooves a bookseller to have a business plan in place so she can periodically evaluate whether her business is achieving its goals. That said, do I have one? Not currently. I started my business without one in January, 2007. I have a list of goals for 2008 and writing a business plan is high on the list. For what it’s worth, I don’t recommend starting without a business plan.

2) I’ve written many times how much I learned from the six-day Colorado Antiquarian Book Market Seminar. Karen Bergsagel of BookThink has written a wonderful article that explains exactly what the course covers. If you think you might want to go to the Seminar but aren’t sure, or if you’re not sure you’re “ready”, you need to read this article now! I’ll remind you again that several scholarships to the Seminar are available and that all types of booksellers are welcome, including beginners.

3) I wrote about some bookseller good luck charms the other day. I forgot to add a very special one. When I announced that I was starting a bookselling business, my aunt, who owned a design and apparel shop for many years, stopped by with a gift to welcome me to the world of owning my own business. The gift was the calling card case of my great-grandmother, Emilie Schellenberg Paull:
If you’re a regular reader, you already know that my great-grandmother designed my logo and may have had a connection with illustrating books. In any case, that gift reminds me that the support of family and friends, if you can get it, is a wonderful thing for booksellers and any other small business owners to have.

4) Grammatical errors: I know that my posts occasionally contain typographical and other small grammatical errors. Sorry. As a former English teacher, I try to minimize these errors by proofreading my posts, but truthfully, I don’t always see my own errors unless I write a post and then don’t look at it for a week or so. I would love to say I am organized enough to be writing a week ahead of posting on my blog, but the reality is that the blog is a small part of my life and business, squeezed in between buying and selling books, being a wife, cooking, cleaning, helping kids with homework, sports practices, and music lessons. This blog is my life as a bookseller, unedited and unrevised. I do apologize for any distracting mistakes that make it through my cursory proofreading.

Tomorrow: Behind the Scenes, and coming Monday: Books About Bibliography

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  1. You do not need to apologise for the blog. You’re doing a great job, Chris. I’m checking you every night, and will be waiting patiently for next Monday.


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