Chapter 41 What We’re Doing This Weekend

It’s supposed to rain tonight, and the wind and the gray clouds rolling in make it really feel like autumn (even though all of the leaves on all of the trees are still green). Every year about this time, I pick up my old copy of one of my favorite books of all-time — Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods. It has such wonderful descriptions of the seasons from a child’s viewpoint. I remember when I first read the following passage (I was probably 8 or 9); I fervently wished I could have lived during the late 1800s, when the book takes place.

“The attic was a lovely place to play. The large, round, colored pumpkins made beautiful chairs and tables. The red peppers and the onions dangled overhead. The hams and the venison hung in their paper wrappings, and all the bunches of dried herbs, the spicy herbs for cooking and the bitter herbs for medicine, gave the place a dusty-spicy smell. Often the wind howled outside with a cold and lonesome sound. But in the attic Laura and Mary played house with the squashes and the pumpkins, and everything was snug and cosy.”

I don’t have an attic, and neither of my two sons wants to play house, but I thought I’d show you what we’ll be doing to this weekend (besides soccer games) to make it feel like fall around here:

15 Bean Soup with Bacon for Dinner

I love 15 Bean Soup with Bacon, but I hate chopping vegetables. I probably wouldn’t have made a good pioneer woman after all.

Halloween Decorations. We started collecting the pieces to our miniature Spookytown when Tom was little, getting one new piece a year. This year, Tom and Huck set it up themselves.

Huck planting spring bulbs.

I know what you’re thinking. I haven’t been doing much work on books today. Does it count that I received two more great finds for my Dante catalogue in the mail?

I’ll be back Monday with a post on the nuts and bolts of starting a book business — things like resale numbers, business cards, inventory tracking software, websites, etc.

See you in the stacks!


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4 responses to “Chapter 41 What We’re Doing This Weekend

  1. I LOVE your blog. Thank you for the very interesting posts. About that Dante catalogue you’re doing. Could you perhaps do a post (eventually) about how to do research for a catalogue, and what reference sources you use. Thanks.

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