Chapter 24 An Early Weekend

The weekend starts early this week. Tom and Huck have a teacher in-service holiday from school today. Good thing I got in all my book hunting at the San Francisco Library Sale earlier this week. Since both boys are in school all day this year, I take time off from the books when they are home so they are forced to hang out with their mother, who secretly wishes they would stop growing up. I asked each son what he wanted to do with his holiday.

Huck said:
He just loves to bake (and eat) chocolate chip cookies (and chocolate chip cookie dough).

and Tom said:
He just loves to make his mother cringe in terror at all of his skateboarding stunts.

On Saturday Tom and Huck have soccer games galore. I’m working on a post for you about an Elbert Hubbard/Roycroft book which involves a mystery. I hope to have that ready Monday.

Now, off to spend time with my boys while they are still of an age where they like to spend time with me!

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