Chapter 2 What We’re Working on This Weekend

I am preparing to exhibit at my first book fair, in Sacramento, CA on September 15. It’s the 2007 Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair. I’ve attended book fairs and even had the chance to assist another dealer at the San Francisco ABAA Fair last February, but this will be the first where I’m selling my own books. Since I have never done a fair myself, I had to invest in portable bookcases to display my books. I found some nice four-shelf bookcases for a reasonable price and free shipping here.

Soon, there were five portable bookcases sitting in my garage. When I opened the first box, I made the unfortunate discovery that portable only means portable after initial assembly. I will humbly chalk this up to rookie bookseller inexperience. I am not at all handy with a hammer, and I stood in my garage wondering what to do, what to do?

Suddenly, I remembered — I have a handy husband and two helpful sons! I enlisted their help and as of this post, four of the five book cases are assembled. Not a bad day’s work, considering it was opening day of soccer and each of our sons had a 90 minute game. Below you will see the reward for my younger son’s help.
Box Boy
That’s right — the empty box! There is nothing a seven-year-old boy won’t do for an empty box! And how do I know I have the best husband ever? Do you see the existing bookcase in the back of the photo below? These five bookcases are in addition to that existing bookcase and several others. The poor man barely batted an eye, even though books multiply faster than rabbits around here. Thank you, love!
So, if you’re in the Sacramento area next Saturday, and you’d like a free pass, please email me at chris @ bookhuntersholiday . com.

See you at the fair!

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